A Family Tradition

The Family in Indiana

Gareth, Des, Nikki and Stacey in 2019
3 year old Addie Evans running at Chatham Hills – May, 2021
Addie, Lo Lo, Ella and Lley Lley having fun at Easter, 2021

Lochlyn, Ella, Ley Lley, Addie and Deklyn at Easter, 2021
Des with Addie at the park in 2019


Celebrating Thanksgiving in November, 2016

Celebrating 4th July, 2022

Stacey and Nikki with their Mom Brenda in May, 2021
Stacey, Nikki and Gareth in January, 2020
Nikki and Sean in May, 2021
With my lovely daughters Stacey and Nikki – January, 2021
The Frazer family in May, 2021
Nikki having fun with her 4 children – May, 2021

Emily and Gareth with Addie and Kennedy – May, 2021

Em, baby Kennedy, Gareth and 3 year old Addie – June, 2020
Boating on Morse Lake, Indiana
 Gareth boating on Morse Lake, Indiana
Brandon and Stacey – November, 2021
Brandon and Stace at the Indy 500 in May, 2019
Des with Brandon and Stacey in 2015
Des with Gareth at the Carmel town center in 2016
Brandon and Stacey with Deklyn
Brandon and Stacey with Deklyn in 2015

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